Origin Story

A year ago, I was studying for my physics preliminary exam. I kept a whiteboard on top of my dresser for externalizing my thoughts. My bedroom, littered with papers, became the space in which I pursued my full-time job of reading textbooks and attempting practice problems. I’ve always talked to my cat, but during the weeks before my exam she became one of the few creatures always available to hear my mutterings about wave functions and Dirichlet boundary conditions, though I doubt she understood a word of it.

I’ve moved on to another field, but Athena remains as clueless about my professional life as ever. This time, though, I’m spending a few months away from her, so I can’t simply pull out my whiteboard and start explaining to her the things I’m learning. With this blog, I intend to rectify that situation. Perhaps, reader, if you encounter Athena, you might be so kind as to relay to her what you’ve discovered here.


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